New Lemon packages

Important work have been done in various Lemon components, in order to improve the general functionalities and usability of the system.
Today 8/02/2012, the following packages with the described enhancements will be in prdouction:
- lemon-agent-3.1.1-2:
    * Lemon agent with enhanced smoothing mechanism. Now it is possible to use smoothing in sensors that sample with functions storeSample02 and storeSample03.
- lemon-cli-1.2.0-4:

New Lemon Web

The new Lemon web frontend will be offered in production from 6th February at address
Current version, known as lemonweb (, will remain active during 2012.
The main page of the new frontend  will be displayed on the central displays from 6th February 10.00 am.

LEMON - LHC Era Monitoring for Large-Scale Infrastructures

Lemon is a server/client based monitoring system. On every monitored node, a monitoring agent is launched and this communicates using a push/pull protocol with sensors, also running on the node, which are responsible for retrieving the monitoring information. The monitored samples are stored in a local cache and also forwarded to the application server using UDP or TCP transport protocols with or without authentication/encryption of the data samples. Sensors can collect information on behalf of remote entities like network switches or power supplies.

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